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Time:02:51 am
Current Mood:determineddetermined
Well, what is there to say?

Business is going pretty well. Seems everyone down here has a reason to get drunk not that I can blame them, not the best of places to be and sometimes it's nice to escape it for a while. I escape reality by losing myself in dreams and wishing on a star, who am I to judge how other people escape reality? Got myself some regular customers, they're nice enough and behave themselves.

I'll admit I'm lonely but I chose this, I chose to leave home so I can't won't complain. Everything is hard when you first try, it's about not giving up and pushing forward with what you're trying to do.

Maybe something will happen tomorrow? Who knows? No-one knows and that's the beauty of life. It's unpredictable, always something around the corner.

Gotta keep going.
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Subject:Here Now
Time:07:53 pm
Current Mood:workingworking
I'm here, in Midgar, talk about a big difference from Nibelheim.

I've managed to clean up the building I just bought, no more rats, it only took about ten..fifteen rat bombs, good thing I thought to buy a mask for myself or I could have poisioned myself at the same time. I know it's not very nice to kill them and everything but it's my place, not theirs and you have to be cruel to be kind, or so they say.

I bought this building for the sole purpose of setting up a business and it was convenient because this place, used to be a bar before it got shut down and abandoned, the man I bought it from told me all about its history and stuff like that, it was pretty interesting, it was a nice place but the decline in Midgar's economy seems to have sent this place under but it's not going to be that way with me running it, uh uh, I'm going to make this place a hit again.

Speaking of Midgar, I ought to explore and get to know the place I'm living in. Better not forget my gloves, so if I have to, I can kick peoples asses when and if they try to mess with me.

Here goes nothing!
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Subject:Here Goes Nothing
Time:03:05 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
I have this travelling thing down.

Funny as I've never left home before but I do have it down, and can I just say, travelling rocks? I can? Well, travelling rocks, yes it does, it's like everything I thought it was going to be, the freedom, the aches and pains that are inevitable when you're walking everywhere, the sights and sounds, the people I meet along the way, it's ten times better than being at home and just gazing at the sky with that wistful look in my eyes.

If I can, I'm going to see about buying a cheap place and fix it up, I mean, I can do that, most everyone can do most anything when they put their minds to it. I'm a firm believer of putting your money where your mouth is and I am also a firm believer in myself at times and other people especially, I mean, I know Midgar is dangerous but it's the centre of everything and it would be the perfect place to set up home/business wouldn't you say?

It's almost funny, me setting up business in Midgar but I think I can do it, I just need to find a cheap place and work on it, right? Maybe I should go into the alcohol business, everyone needs alcohol and there will always be a call for a bar in the world, everyone needs or wants to get drunk right? So therefore, it makes sense for me to become a barmaid! Sure it's not a big career step but it's a wise one, wouldn't you say?

Anyways I'd better go, got some ground to cover before I arrive in Midgar.
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Time:03:47 pm
Current Mood:busybusy
So very confused,

This whole branching out on your own thing is a lot tougher than it looks. First, you have to think about what you want to take, then you have to think about where you're going and then you have to work out how you're going to pay for everything, food, accomodation, the whole thing. I have gotten the what I want to take thing done, and I have an idea of where to go but the paying for everything is another matter, I mean, I have the wages I saved from working in the local bar but I doubt they're going to go too far in the big "wide" world, I'll need a job of some sort, maybe I can find another job in another bar wherever I end up.

I was thinking Midgar as it's like the focal point for most everything but it's also dangerous and dirty...but it would be a big change from Nibelheim, I mean, would I be able to handle it. Wait a minute, what am I saying? I'm Tifa Lockheart, there's nothing I can't handle or kick the crap out of! Or something like that anyways and let me ask you this, how hard is it to keep in touch with people? Hmm mr big and hard military Cloud Strife?

I didn't fall off the face of the planet unlike some people I could mention, mostly blonde and spikey. Am I dropping enough hints for you? That's if you even read this, probably too busy doing your thing, and just maybe, I'm going to be busy doing my own thing too.

I should get to packing.
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Subject:Uh...Thoughts I Guess
Time:12:27 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Have you ever looked out of your window and wondered what was out there? I mean really out there?

I know I have, every night I watch the stars and I wonder. I mean, Cloud is out there, making his way as a military guy and what am I doing? Working in the local bar eventhough I'm too young and reading romance novel after romance novel, and am I the only person whose ever asked the, "why can't things be just like a romance novel" question? I mean, I love these books, they're so sweet and I mean, there's always a happy ending, I want a happy ending! Maybe too much to ask for?

Probably over thinking stuff, but I want to get out of this town, I want out of Nibelheim. I love my family and I love my home but eventually you have to spread your wings and fly, or something like that....I read a lot, what can I say? There's not much else to do in this town, I have this unquenchable thirst to know things, experience things, I practically stick to the visitors like glue, wanting to know what's going on out there.

Maybe I oughta try....maybe I need to just pack my stuff and go? Take the plunge....well here comes the deep breath, all there's left is to take the plunge.
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[icon] Two Halves Of One Heart
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